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Welcome to Stay Mobile Physical Therapy, PLLC 

This is an independently owned and operated direct-access practice

Choose the location most convenient to be seen to fit in with your busy schedule

- Our clinic

- Your office 

- At the gym

- Etc.

You will see one physical therapist for all of your visits

Absolutely no bouncing between multiple clinicians

Transparent pricing and absolutely no hidden fees

Ready to get started? 

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What We Offer

Providing convenient, evidence based physical therapy evaluations and treatments to reduce your pain, improve your mobility and improve your daily function. Stay Mobile Physical Therapy treats all orthopedic and sports conditions, as well as oncology, lymphedema and recovery from various surgical procedures.

Continue to improve your overall health and wellbeing after you've recovered from an injury or surgery. Stay Mobile Physical Therapy will provide you with a Physical Therapist for life to stay accountable with your goals and be your best self.

Whether you have primary/secondary lymphedema, venous insufficiency or are suffering from post-surgical swelling, Stay Mobile Physical Therapy is able to provide the most efficient edema reduction treatments to help you recover faster and manage your condition for life.


All About Stay Mobile Physical Therapy

Stay Mobile Physical Therapy is a concierge Physical Therapy clinic. 

Your therapist will accommodate your needs to provide assessments and treatments. You may choose to be seen in our clinic, in the gym, in your workplace, on the athletic name it!

What's the best part about mobile visits? You can bring your Physical Therapist directly to the setting that might be causing your symptoms. Having pain sitting at your newly created home-office? Let's take a look at the ergonomics of it. Or maybe you're having pain while performing a certain exercise in the gym. Let's check out your body mechanics and see where your problems are coming from. 

Stay Mobile Physical Therapy does not accept or contract with any types of insurance companies. 

This practice was started in order to provide patients exactly what is needed for treatment, not what your insurance company decides you're limited to. 

As an added bonus, cash-based practice can actually be a lot less expensive compared to traditional high-deductible insurance plans. Not only can this save you money in the long-run, but if you do have insurance, documentation can be provided if you'd like to request reimbursement on your own. 

Stay Mobile Physical Therapy is a proud supporter of equality. Our clinic is a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Check out the Gender Diverse Care Coalition NH and Compass FTM to check out other awesome inclusive businesses.

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Flexibility to suit your busy life

Appointments available 7 days a week 

Monday-Friday: 7am-8pm

Saturday-Sunday 7am-4pm

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